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Positions listed as 'PUBLIC' are open to ALL applicants.

Positions listed as 'INTERNAL' are only open to current staff and parents of children enrolled in Albina Head Start or Albina Early Head Start Programs

  • Applications are ONLY accepted for Open Positions before Closing Date. -- Applications received after the closing date of a position will not be accepted. 

  • Any applications received that are not for a specific open position AND/OR received after the closing date will be returned to applicant

  • Applications ARE NOT kept on file for future openings. 


Application Packet should include: AHS Employment Application and Current verification of enrollment in the State of Oregon Central Background Registry, or proof of Application for enrollment in the State of Oregon Central Background Registry.



Application Packet should be submitted to:

Albina Head Start

3417 NE 7th Ave.

Portland, OR 97212




Fax: 503-282-1493

Applicants that apply via Resume* must also complete and submit:

*Resumes submitted without the above documents will not be considered

  • Do you LOVE working with children & their families?
  • Are you SMART, DRIVEN, and PASSIONATE about building a
    brighter future?
  • WE might be a PERFECT fit!



You should know...  

...We are committed to continuously developing highly trained, caring, and

adequatelycompensated staff.

...We believe in fostering positive environments and self-images for our staff.

...We prioritize hiring from the communities we serve.

...We support strengthening and building our staff's skills.

...We nourish and encourage their professional development.

...We consider our staff to be key in offering neighborhoods the

highest quality service.

...We are proud that our staff consistently performs beyond expectations.

...We are blessed with a team devoted to enriching the lives of our children


...We deeply value the devotion of our families.

...70% of our staff are current or former Albina Early Head Start / Head Start



​..And, we are truly humbled by the loyalty and dedication our staff has given through years of service:


63% of our staff have more than 5 years of service.

78 staff members have from 5-9 years of service

51 from 10-14 years of service

12 from 15-19 years of service

14 from 20-24 years of service

10 from 25-29 years of service

  9 from 30-34 years of service

  3 from 35-40 years of service

  1 from 40-45 years of service and

  1 with more than 51 years of service!