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AHS/AEHS Health Policies & Procedures

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens Policy

  2. Bottled Water Declaration

  3. Breastfeeding Policy

  4. Contagious Condition Exposure

  5. Diapering Policy & Procedures

  6. Food Substitution Policy and Procedure

  7. Hand Washing Policy & Procedure Poster

  8. Hazard Communication Program

  9. Head Lice Policy

  10. MECP Referral Procedure

  11. Medication Administration Policy *New 1.2020*

  12. Medical Home Policy and Procedure 

  13. Lead and Hemoglobin Screening Policy and Procedure

  14. Oral Health Policy and Procedure

  15. Oral Health: Tooth Brushing in the Child Care Setting Guide

  16. Required Licensing Posting

  17. Severe Allergic Reaction Policy 

  18. Short Term Exclusion Policy & Procedures

  19. Sun Protection Policy and Procedure

  20. Screening Vision, Hearing, & Growth Policy & Procedure and Nutrition Consultation Referral


Health Forms

  1. Authorization for Release of Confidential Information

  2. Dental

  3. Health Concerns Forms​​

    1. Asthma Action Plan

    2. Anaphylaxis Action Plan​ and Policy

    3. ​Seizure Policy and Procedure and Seizure Action Plan 

  4. Health History

  5. Health Screening Form (EHS)

  6. Hearing Screening (HS)

  7. Postnatal Home Visit

  8. Vision Screen Tool 6 Weeks-12 Months

  9. Release of Information

  10. Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect

  11. Well Child Exam


​Food Substitutions 

  1. Food Substitution Policy and Procedure

  2. Meals from Home Policy and Procedure (Print Out)

  3. Food Substitution Forms

  4. Family Advocate Food Substitution Resources

All food substitution requests, questions or concerns should be sent to the following e-mail:


  1. CACFP Site Monitoring Report

  2. Classroom USDA Audit Checklist

  3. Meal Pattern Charts


Nutrition Resources

  1. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


  3. Child Care Meal Time and Active Play Partnerships

  4. Family Style Dining

  5. Feeding Young Children in Group Settings

  6. Head Start: ECLKC Nutrition

  7. National CACFP Sponsor Association

  8. Picky Eaters Handouts

  9. USDA Team Nutrition Resources

  10. WIC


Emergency Preparedness

  1. Earthquake: Drop & Cover

  2. Earthquake: How to Reduce Risk of Injuries & Damage

  3. Emergency Kit Information

  4. Family Disaster Planning

  5. Family Member Locator

  6. Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions: Young Children & Infants


Health and Safety Tips

  1. ECLKC Health Tips for Families Series 

Pedestrian Safety

  1. How to Not Get Hit By a Car SafeKids Handout
    (English)   (Spanish)   (Arabic)   (Chinese) (Russian)

  2. Pedestrian Safety Flyer (Eng) (Sp)

  3. Pedestrian Safety Booklet (Eng) (Sp)

  4. Pedestrian safety for young children and their parents- OSU Handout  (English)  (Spanish)

  5. Pedestrian Safety Tips SafeKids Handout   (English)  (Spanish)



  1. A Baby's First Smile (Same Small Boat Productions)

  2. Natural Gas Safety Video

  3. Oregon Oral Health Coalition

  4. Chemical and Medicine Safety (Eng) (Sp)

  5. Lead Poisoning

  6. Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect Policy & Procedure 

  7. What is Amblyopia (optional handout)