Below is information regarding the benefits offered to employees of Albina Head Start and Early Head Start.


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Summary of Kaiser Medical & Dental Benefits

Kaiser Premium - Albina pays a portion of

your Health Care premium and you pay a

portion. Kaiser bills Albina monthly the billing is for the following months’ premium. The Employee's portion is deducted monthly, each pay check, to cover the following months premium. Read more

Open Enrollment - Open Enrollment is the time you can add dependents to your Kaiser Health Plan. Open Enrollment is available only one time per year. You must complete and return the Enrollment Form by December 1st to make the change effective in January. You can drop dependents at any time.

Qualifying Event - A Qualifying Event is another time you can add dependents to your Kaiser Health Plan. A Qualifying Event is: loss of other medical coverage for you or your dependents, birth, marriage, or divorce. You must notify Human Resources immediately when you know you have a Qualifying Event, do not wait until the Event date. It is important to notify us immediately if you have a Qualifying Event to be sure the premium is paid on time.


To encourage employees to participate in their retirement, all employees will receive an increase in compensation on the date they qualify for participation in Albina Head Start, Inc.'s 401(k) pension plan. Employees qualify for this increase and enrollment on the enrollment dates of the plan (May 1st and November 1st) in the year following their one year employment date. Example: If your hire date is 8/1/12, you are eligible to enroll on 11/1/13.

This increase will be as follows:

  • After one year of service and at the next open enrollment period for our 401(k) Plan (May 1st and November 1st each year) employees are eligible to enroll in the 401(k) plan.

  • At time of enrollment you can select to contribute any dollar amount or percentage of your monthly salary to your 401(K) account. Albina does not contribute or provide a match to your individual contribution. Please review beneficiary information annually to make sure all information is current.

If you choose not to enroll in the 401(k) plan you will need to sign a waiver opting out of the plan.

Pension Plan Booklet
401k Information 

Información sobre 401K
401k Fee Summary

For further information, please contact:
George McInnis    


Albina Head Start offers group term life insurance. All full time employees are eligible on the first day of the calendar month following 1 year from date of hire. The basic life insurance death benefit is equal to $15,000 for each employee. In addition, $15,000 is payable to an employee’s designated beneficiary if they die within 90 days as a result from accidental causes. Employee’s dependents are also covered as follows: $2,000 for the death of a spouse and $1,000 for the death of a dependent child. Please review beneficiary information annually to make sure all information is current.

Life Insurance Enrollment Form


Albina Head Start will reimburse regular status employees up to $20 per month for membership dues or fees the employee pays to participate in a wellness activity such as: a health club, Weight Watchers, dance / fitness classes, or sport activities. Employee must submit their receipt each month for payment of dues/fees and Albina will reimburse the employee.

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to submit a reimbursement contact:


Rosa Flores